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Can you really stay healthy during flu season? One sure way to improve your odds

sick man on couch with blanket

man on couch, covered with blanket  with tissues and tea and lemon nearby

It’s that time of year. Changing seasons and fluctuating temperatures can wreak havoc on our bodies. Cold and flu season have always been problematic, but now you must add COVID to the mix, too. Can you really stay healthy during flu season? Here’s one sure way to improve your odds.

What flu season is like

·Every single year, there are around a BILLION cases of seasonal influenza in the world.

·Between 9-40 MILLION flu illnesses in the United States have occurred every year between 2010 and 2020.

·Three-five million cases of flu are severe, requiring hospitalizations.

·96.8% of adults over the age of 65 who get the flu require hospitalization.

·Between 12,000-52,000 people die annually due to the flu or respiratory illnesses caused by the virus.

Nobody wants to mess around with numbers like those! Nobody wants to feel rotten or miss a week or more of work. Nobody tries to pass the sickness on to other people, but it’s hard when you can’t see or smell it. Sometimes you don’t even know you have it until AFTER you’ve mingled with lots of other people.

COVID hasn’t disappeared

Most scientists are hopeful that the worst of COVID-19 is behind us. We now have both vaccines and a majority of the population now have antibodies in their systems.

COVID, however, hasn’t disappeared and can still present a danger.

Wastewater monitoring has shown an uptick in recent months, and new variants have been found. “Eris,” EG.S.1, and “Fornax,” FL.1.5.1 are newly discovered.

There is no good way to know if further mutations will happen and whether or not those mutations will be more or less virulent or contagious than other strains.

The reality of the common cold

There’s probably not a person on the face of the earth who hasn’t suffered from a cold. (That’s why it’s called the “COMMON” cold!

The American Lung Association notes that colds, while not as severe as the flu, can still cause discomfort and problems:

  • In the United States, colds account for more visits to the doctor than any other condition.
  • Colds can last for a week, but colds in children and the elderly can linger on much longer.
  • The average adult gets two to four colds per year, usually between September and May.
  • Colds spread with speed and ease when they’re transferred by droplets of fluid via touch or inhalation.

The triple whammy

The late parts of 2022 and the early months of 2023 were bad ones for illnesses. Numbers rose in cases of the flu, RSV, and COVID, posing a triple whammy threat.

RSV is the acronym for “respiratory syncytial” virus. It’s a common virus that causes cold-like symptoms. However, RSV was especially bad last season causing severe problems in infants and young children. As with many illnesses, the very young and the elderly were most at risk for serious issues following an RSV infection last year.

We can only hope that the upcoming cold and flu season will NOT be as threatening as last year’s triple whammy!

One sure way to improve your odds

Believe it or not, colds don’t have to be quite so “common.”

RSV can be eradicated in your home. You can eliminate COVID germs at your home.

One sure way to improve your odds of getting colds, COVID, flu, or RSV, is to invest in an REME Halo Air Purification system.

99.9% of COVID and other bacteria and viruses can be cleared out of your house and the air you breathe.

This is not just a sales pitch. You can watch the proof here. It’s a proven fact that the REME Halo air purification system can keep you and your family healthier and safer, not just during flu season, but every single day!

How a REME Halo Air Purification System works

It’s incredible and something that we here at ServiceOne are excited about when a simple device is easy to install and can keep our customers healthy!

A professional HVAC tech inserts the REME Halo into your existing system. The REME Halo is a tubular device that never shuts off. It works ALL the time using Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy Technology. The REME Halo mists the air that circulates through your home with an ultra-fine mist of hydrogen peroxide and doubles the cleansing power by exposing the air to a low level of UV light.

No smell. No noise. No maintenance.

Easy for a professional to install. Excellent for resale value. Exceptionally affordable.

(How much is your health worth?)

We can’t guarantee that you won’t pick up a virus at work or school and bring it home, but once you bring it home, it will be eliminated. The risk of infecting your family will be negligible with a REME Halo Air Purification.

Other REME Options

People who have installed the REME Halo will testify to its benefits.

Many who have purchased a REME Halo for their home also want to purchase a small portable unit to carry with them when they travel to hotel rooms. Some even run it in their cars!

If you want to keep your family as safe from germs as possible…

If you think that being healthy is worth a little bit of prevention…

If you dislike coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and feeling like crap…


We’re here to help. Your comfort, health, and happiness matter to us.


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