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Blogs from October, 2023

cartoon of a smart plumbing system thinking

cartoon of a smart plumbing system with a thought bubble overhead

Remember when you watched Star Trek, or science fiction shows, or – if you’re old enough – the cartoon of The Jetsons? Remember thinking that the gadgets were INCREDIBLE and farfetched?

Guess what?

They are a reality, now!

Smartphones. Smart televisions. Smart homes. The future is here!

Here are five predictions for the waterworks of our future - including smart plumbing systems!

ONE: Smart plumbing systems

What is a “smart” plumbing system, anyway?

It’s a system that makes the use of water more efficient, saving money and conserving the valuable resource of water in the process. Smart plumbing systems also eliminate massive flooding if a pipe or water heater bursts.

Smart leak detectors

One element of a smart plumbing system is leak detection. Sensors are installed in high-risk areas like laundry rooms, basements (which you might not notice), and utility closets. If a sensor detects water, it can do one of two things, depending on how it’s hooked up.

If it’s a stand-alone sensor, it will notify the homeowner that there’s a leak. The homeowner will then take action to shut off the water.

If the smart leak detector is connected to a smart home hub, it will automatically shut off the water valve to the home, avoiding major damage.

Smart home water monitoring

Whole house “smart” plumbing systems monitor all water usage, documenting the pressure, the flow, and the temperature of the water used. It collects data that homeowners can view in an app and use to make decisions about how best to use their water.

Smart faucets

Do you have toddlers who will stand on a stool and dawdle in the running water? Do you have teenagers that will take 25-minute showers?

Smart faucets can eliminate water waste by setting time limits on water use. Faucets can shut off after a set amount of time.

If you have dirty hands, or they’re full of dishes or food, you can use voice activation to turn on your faucet if you have a “smart” plumbing system connected to a “smart” home hub.

Smart water heaters

No more running water for several minutes to get it to the right temperature if you can program your smart water heater to a certain temperature.

If you go on vacation, you can tell your smart water heater, and it will adjust settings so that it’s not heating water that no one will be there to use!

A smart water heater will even tell you how much hot water is available at any given time. If four family members have showered before you, you’ll know if you have enough hot water to enjoy getting clean or if you’ll have to do the two-minute-blue-blood-cold-water-dash-and-splash!

(If your family runs out of hot water frequently, you need to talk to ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing) about the options for water heaters that will better match your family’s needs.


TWO: Water-Efficient Fixtures

If you’ve followed the news, you know that water conservation is becoming more important, particularly in the American West. Here in Florida, we haven’t had problems, but that doesn’t mean that we want to waste water.

Many new plumbing fixtures, such as low-flow toilets and water-saving faucets, are designed to reduce water consumption. New toilets often give you two buttons for flushing: one when it’s just fluid in the bowl, and two when there’s heavier waste. Washing machines and dishwashers are also now manufactured to produce great results with less water. These innovations are crucial in addressing water scarcity issues and are part of smarter plumbing systems.

In the future, there may even be built-in valves and timers in most fixtures that regulate the amount of water used.

THREE: Water Filtration and Purification

One problem with modern water is that the standards haven’t been updated in decades, and new chemicals are appearing in our drinking water. Your tap water may not be as safe and clean as you think it is!

Future innovations for the waterworks of our home may include built-in water filtration and purification systems.

FOUR: Antimicrobial plumbing fixtures

An offshoot of water filtration is another innovation for the future of our waterworks: anti-microbial plumbing fixtures.

Think of how many times a day someone in your household touches a faucet. They don’t reach for the faucet handle with CLEAN hands!

In response to hygiene concerns, some plumbing fixtures are designed with anti-microbial coatings that inhibit the growth of bacteria and germs. In the future, it may be that all fixtures will be manufactured with this kind of coating…because doesn’t everyone want to touch fewer germs?

FIVE: Pipe materials

Smart plumbing systems are now made of different materials than in the past. Gone are the harmful lead pipes of old.

Innovations in pipe materials have led to more durable and corrosion-resistant options, such as PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) pipes. These materials extend the lifespan of plumbing systems and reduce maintenance needs which makes for a much “smarter” plumbing system!

Smart humans?

As we humans get older, we get smarter. So does technology. We’ve come a long way from the time before indoor running water, but there are lots of innovations still to come, just one of which is smart plumbing systems!

Be smarter with us. ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing has twenty years of experience in the region and has taken care of thousands of satisfied customers. Call us about smart upgrades, installations, maintenance, or repairs. We’re here to help!


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